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The Big Red Carpet Style Story Was White, Black & Gold…

Baker Oscars Architectural Digest Greenroom

Baker furniture received the equivalent of an Oscar® nod by being featured in the exclusive Architectural Digest Greenroom at the Oscars®. Los Angeles-based interior designer Madeline Stuart created the luxurious suite inspired by the legendary art director and production designer, Cedric Gibbons. A Hollywood legend, Mr. Gibbons won eleven Academy Awards for art direction and is credited with designing the Oscar statuette.

Baker in the Arch Digest Greenroom at the Oscars

“We are pleased to once again partner with Architectural Digest to bring Madeline Stuart’s Green Room to life in a most elegant manner,” said Austin Rothbard, president – Baker. “Baker has been handcrafting fine furniture for over a century. Both the Oscars and Baker have earned and enjoyed global recognition, yet ultimately, we are hallmarks of American design.”

Baker in the Architectural Digest Greenroom at the Oscars

Art Deco-influenced interior designs Gibbons is known for often had stepped walls and ceilings, built-in upholstered banquettes, and polished black floors–luxe features that will be highlights of this year’s Greenroom. Ms. Stuart selections of Baker furniture and lighting recall a sumptuous yet tailored modern style and reflect an interest in the Deco styling of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Preview the selected Baker furniture inside the Oscars® Greenroom.

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  1. Julie Konsoer says:

    What is the name / number of the upholstery?

    • BakerFurniture says:

      Hi Julie,

      The upholstery featured in the Greenroom includes:

      3769 – Verdi Lounge Chair
      7341G – Champs de Mars Arm Chair
      6311 – Josephine Chair
      6703S – Social Scene Sofa

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