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Baker Designers

Juan Carlos and I arrive for a week in Bali

Finding Heaven in Bali – by Thomas Pheasant

Juan Carlos and I arrive for a week in Bali. Recently I was invited to Singapore for a business meeting to discuss the possibility of expanding my design studio into Asia. While planning my trip, I soon realized the flight from NY to Singapore was over 19 hours.  That is […]

by × March 31, 2012 × 6 comments

Baker Designers

Here I am enjoying a perfect sunny January morning in Paris.

How To Spend One Great Morning In Paris: a Trip to the Paris Flea Market – by Thomas Pheasant

I cannot believe it has been ten years since we moved into our apartment on the Left Bank. A lot of fortuitous events have crossed my path over the years, but nothing has compared to that moment ten years ago when, in a leap of blind excitement, I began my […]

by × February 10, 2012 × 22 comments

Baker Designers

As we approached  the city by water taxi, it was sparkling under the bright sun.

On Travel with Thomas Pheasant: Four Days in Venice with a Camera and a Designer’s Eye

As well traveled as I am, I must also admit that I enjoy being a tourist.  I’m not sure why that’s become a negative term — what is wrong with exploring all the iconic landmarks and pulling out a camera?   After many years of dividing my time between Washington and Paris, […]

by × December 13, 2011 × 5 comments